Evo's TBEX Talk Featured in Bangkok Post

Yay! A reporter for The Bangkok Post attended my TBEX talk, How NOT To Travel Blog Like Everyone Else, and featured some of my points in a post, The Traveling Fashion! (Not that any of the talks featured had anything to do with fashion, but roll with it!)

Boo, because that's not what I said! The reporter must have been scribbling notes furiously (even though I said not to do that) during the key "don't do it this way" part of the talk. [sigh] Yes, technically I did say those things in that order, but that missing bit of context throws the whole thing, well... out of context.  

Silver lining yay! Either the editor or the author neglected to link back to our site, though the URL is typed out twice in the story itself. That should cut down on the angry "that's stupid advice, Evo" comments.

One out of three ain't bad. Hopefully the points taken from the other speakers at the even aren't butchered as much as mine. Eh, poop happens.

Read (though try to ignore the parts attributed to me) The Traveling Fashion, published November 11, 2015 on the Bangkok Post.