Dare To Be Different - How NOT To Travel Blog Like Everyone Else

Moments ago, I was on stage at TBEX Asia '15, presenting to hundreds (not really) of travel bloggers all wanting to learn one thing: How to figure out what the hell to blog about.

Many travel bloggers follow the predictable "me too" path, where they try and copy the tactics of someone else, jumping on whatever new trend happens to be in vogue at the time.

That's a rotten way to build a travel brand. I've worked with companies and individuals for over a dozen years helping to uncover and understand their own (or their organization's) skills, and then building strategies to parlay those skills into the digital world.

My talk at TBEX (thanks for attending, if you were there) was a mini workshop to help travel content producers do just that, giving them a foundation on which to build their own unique travel blog. Here's the presentation.

Again, if you were in the audience, thanks for attending! Don't forget that I'm giving you unmetered access to me the entire month of November 2015 to help you complete the exercise. And if you're brand new to this, welcome! You're welcome to flip through the notes and start the process on your own. If you need help, please let me know.

Cheers from Bangkok!