To Gray or Not To Gray...

I hate messing around with my hair. Having a hairdresser come to my house each day and fix it would really make me happy. However, no one shows up daily to fix it, so it’s relegated to me.

Yesterday was more than likely the last time I will get my hair professionally cut and colored. At least while we’re away. Evo has been asking me for years when will I stop coloring my hair. I’ve seen women who have beautifully grayed ... and I’ve seen some less so. This is a statement that really can be made about any hair color or cut. Some people wear different hair colors better than others. Mine probably won’t be gray, but more white. So I have a couple concerns and questions about my graying hair:

  1. How do you transition when you have colored your hair? I’m concerned about the line between the current color and the younger, natural color that shows through on the top of my head. I’m not totally gray up there, so I’d have sections of grey, lines of color, and lines of my natural color. That creates a “halo” that looks bad.

  2. What if as my graying hair it is not attractive? And I’m not saying I care what others think about how I look here. What do I do if I don’t like it?

  3. What is a good length for graying hair? I’ve had really long, really short, and pretty much everything in between. I tend to like my hair better long. I get bored with my hair, and leaving it long gives me more options. It has to be long for me to braid it (and that really is the easiest way for me to wear my hair).

  4. Will going gray make me feel older? I don’t want to look in the mirror and feel old. Most days I feel like I’m 25 (and I probably act it too). I don’t want to feel old (yes, I know I’m getting there by the calendar years)!

I’m sure I have more questions, but I really can’t think of any at this point.

I've sported blonde hair for the past three or four years. Yesterday we darkened it up to a dirty blonde so when my naturally dark hair starts growing in, it won’t be such a dramatic difference. In addition, my hairdresser gave me some tips on how to trim my hair while I’m gone. I don’t think it will be as bad as I’m fearing, since I will probably braid it everyday (I might even see if I can learn to do two braids, maybe in pigtails). French braiding specifically leaves no part (separation of hair) and therefore shows no lines of natural vs. colored hair.

Do you have travel hair tips for me? I’m all ears! And some grey hair, obviously.