Elle Est Un Femme, Et Je Suis Un Manges Pomme

I speak two languages: English and jive. And I doubt either will get me very far in the French countryside, so I'm taking a crash course on Duolingo. I'm under no illusions that I'll be fluent in 10 days. I'm more so doing this so that I look like I'm at least trying (albeit not very hard) to speak French, hoping they take pity on me.

It's a tough language, filled with nuances. I'm learning that the letter "t" at the end of the word is almost never pronounced. If you see an "h"; swallow it. Unless the word starts with "r". Then you'll probably need to start with the "h" sound at least.

[sigh] Jive is so much easier.

Nine days to go. I guess I better get back to studying. This would probably be easier if I actually was a rich girl eating apples and oranges. (It's a Duolingo thing.)