It's Cold in Here! And Out There!

Signals from ShEvo - Newsletter #3

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Good morning, from France!

It’s a cool and cloudy mid-morning on what promises to be the last rain-free day for the remainder of our time here in Corlay. Our goal was living somewhere with increased humidity, so we can’t complain too much.

We were pretty active last week, caravaning around the countryside, fumbling our way around a grocery store, and taking in some of the local sights -- even those that that are closed for the winter. If you missed any of that, be sure to subscribe to our blog and our podcast. Sheila’s posted some great photos on Flickr, and I’m snapping and sharing a few on Instagram.

It's hot in here, said no one in Corlay, ever.

If there’s one thing we’ve learned, it’s that living 20+ years in perpetually warm latitudes has left us ill prepared for prolonged chilly weather. We’ve packed appropriately for when we venture outdoors, but have had the toughest time regulating our temperature when we’re at home. No more lounging around the house barefoot in a threadbare tank top! Now it’s a mad dash to pull on warm clothes the minute we pull back the covers, taking them off for only the briefest of moments until we crawl back into bed at night. Even now that I’ve whipped the wood-burning stove into place, you’d think it would be warm enough to expose a little skin to the inside air. You would be wrong.

Planning for what's next

Our Big Rock for this week is planning our connections between Denmark and the UK, then figuring out what our itinerary looks like after that. A big thanks to all of our local European friends who’ve helped us navigate the multitude of travel booking sites over here. Europe is filled with transportation options, so it’s a little more complex than just checking for cheap flights. Of course, it all depends on where we wind up after the UK, so we’re busy submitting for additional house sitting assignments. Free lodging, for the win!

Thanks again for following along. We’ll send out another newsletter from here in France next week. The one after that will come from Denmark once we’ve settled in. Cheers!

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