Just Added: Cologne and Brussels!

As easy as traveling intra-city is in Europe, booking said travel is not. If there's an industry that needs disrupted, this is it. The current travel search engines just aren't cut out for the kind of traveling we're doing.

I owe a big thanks to my friend and virtual wayfarer Alex Berger for his curated great list of European travel resources, and and even bigger thanks to Mark Smith, the man in Seat Sixty-One. Mark's aptly named site, Seat61.com, is a welcome oasis of sanity in the fractured world of European Travel. He may not win any design awards, but he's won my eternal adoration (and quite possibly saved my marriage) for his detailed, easy-to-follow instructions on finding and booking European rail options that work and are inexpensive. If I ever get a chance to meet you, Mark, I owe you several pints!

Here are the two new cities added to our itinerary for February:

The links above take you directly to the itinerary pages for each. Click through and let us know what we should do, where we should stay, and who we should meet! We've still yet to book lodging in any of those places, so you've plenty of time to influence where we stay -- perhaps with you!