First Days in The French Countryside

Our temporary home for the next couple of weeks. 

We arrived late on Saturday evening and had a lovely home cooked meal and great conversations with our hosts. We both slept nicely, since we hadn't slept on the plane and really only had about an hour and a half since we woke on Friday morning in Newark.

Yesterday, we awoke refreshed and ready to take on France. One of our hosts took us on a walking tour around the village and introduced us various local friends. We hung out in the coffee shop/bar for a bit and chatted with folks. We found that we could really use a bit more knowledge of the French language.

We came back to the house and got to know the animals, where things were in the house, how to do certain things, and tried to help our hosts get ready for their trip. Then we went on a drive tour of the area around our temporary home. We saw an old monastery, the Resistance museum (it was closed), stopped by several monuments, saw amazing churches, stopped to grab a quick beer/coffee at a local spot, met several folks, and overall had a fabulous day. As we took our tour, I, of course, took pictures.

Today, we have played catchup on our emails and work stuff since we really haven't been attentive to either since we left AZ over a week ago.

And a podcast episode went live in case you missed it!