Saying Goodbye...

Waiting to Board Our Flight to Paris.

Waiting to Board Our Flight to Paris.

The past two weeks have found me a bit more emotional than usual. Between saying goodbye to so many friends and family, getting rid of all of our things, trying to tie up all the loose ends for our trip, finalizing the details of us being homeless, and the not sleeping... I feel pushed over the edge. I'm super excited about the journey we are starting today, but also sad to leave so many good people.

The hardest moment for me was Sunday morning, when NJ dropped us at the airport. Even though I know this adventure will be good for all three of us (NJ gets to truly be on his own), this will be the first time we can't just drop by or ask him to come over for dinner or grad a beer with us. I've told him he will need to Skype with me at least once a week. I need to get my NJ fix!

We have seen family and friends all week and are now sitting at the airport waiting to board our flight to Paris.

Bon voyage!