The Stress of Packing...



The big question on everyone’s mind -- especially for those who know me -- is how am I going to live from one suitcase for the next year? Not only is it one suitcase, but it’s only 50 lbs. within our travel across the States (but I get an extra pound when flying overseas). That extra pound doesn’t help me because we are traveling west coast to east before heading out to Paris. Two days of rearranging, removing, and making some hard decisions and I finally got my suitcase ready to go.

What didn’t make the cut in the end (and not in any order):

  • Heels (I probably won’t be dressing up much anyway - see last item)
  • Blow dryer (it’s really just my bangs that I need dried)
  • Leave-in conditioner (I may need to pick this up once we arrive)
  • Various sweaters and shirts (I am down to one white and one black tank top – this is really weird for me)
  • Chuck Taylors (I love to walk around in them but I could only bring one pair of tennis type shoes)
  • Dressy clothes (I had intended to bring one item that I could go out in but that had to be nixed in the end)

The last revolution of decisions had Evo helping me (which had me providing an explanation as to why I need four different brushes for eye shadow, he said they all look the same to him). I made it with 3 lbs. to spare or at least I thought I did. The scale at the airport said differently and I had to move a couple things to E’s bag (his is only 26 lbs. – oh, to be a guy).

I will post a complete list of what made the cut once we get to Paris. I’d wanted to do so prior to leaving Phoenix but time was not my friend.