This Section Left Unintentionally Blank

Rule #1: When writing on an airplane, save your document. Especially when what you've just written is one of the finest pieces of writing to have ever graced the electronic page.

Rule #2: In the absence of Rule #1, convince yourself that the unrecoverable document was utter and complete drivel, and start over.

Commencing Rule #2 ...

Something about being homeless, something about leaving our kid, something about being down to a couple of suitcases. Yeah, yeah.

Then something about how we're on a traveling day, seeing lots of family and friends. Oh, and how we've already discovered we suck at packing. Check.

Then some flowing (READ: run-on sentence) diatribe out trying new things, never looking back, and letting come what may.

End with a thank you to all the readers, watchers, and listeners of our stuff. The end.