WTF Were You Thinking with That Domain Name?

Our very first episode is very much not like subsequent episodes of our show. This inaugural episode is just the two of us chatting 17-minutes block. But the conversation was just too good to pass up. That, and we were a little busy prepping to leave to try and fit it in a format. Not that we had a format in mind when we started, you understand...

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By now you know -- or you should know -- that we’re leaving. Not just Arizona, where we’ve made our home for the last 18 years. But the entire country. For at least a year… or until we run out of money. Which is a distinct possibility, as we’re certainly not independently wealthy. But we are crafty. And we tend to land on our feet. So we’re good.

It’s probably another safe bet that you know of our new website,, where we’re documenting this grand experiment with blog posts, gear run-downs, checkins, photographs and podcast episodes, more or less like this one. OK, probably less. Because this one is just to give you a taste. Don’t get too caught up in the format, as that’s sure to change. We’ll figure it out as we go along.

But I digress. This episode is all about one thing: how we decided on just the right domain name -- WTF, indeed. Best of all, it’s not a re-creation. It’s the actual conversation between the two of us. Enjoy.

(Oh, and that crazy noise you here underneath from time to time is a mix of airplanes flying overhead and cars driving outside. Our recording environment will change due to the nature of our travels, so have a heart.)

New episodes of the ShEvo Studios On Tour Podcast are available every Sunday. Of course, Sunday can be a very different thing depending on where we are in the world. Cheers!