This Booze Isn't Going to Drink Itself...

We're selling almost literally everything. But some things can't be sold, and must be consumed. Take my liquor collection, for example. I can't very well go traipsing around Europe, South America, and parts unknown with a dozen bottles of hooch, now can I?

We've already sold off the wine along with the wine rack. (And it strikes me that might have been illegal. So let's just say we sold a wine rack, and the things that were in it went to the new owner.) We're selling our modest collection of glassware. And we're selling off the various other bar accoutrements that you collect over 25-ish years of being of a legal drinking age.

But opened bottles of booze -- mostly as mixers for dirty martinis and manhattans, or quality tequila and single-malt scotch -- isn't something you sell. I've taken a quick eyeball measure, and it looks like with, after a few sacrifices, I should be able to put it all in my belly prior to the move in early January. 

One manhattan down, several more related drinks to go.  Cheers!